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  4. aftermathinourstars answered: spartace!
  5. notspringloveorcherry answered: spartace!! <3
  6. diversely-ltd answered: spartace couple
  7. kawaisince1993 answered: I ship Monday couple more than me with Doojoon (and prolly since MC is real and me and DJ are just dreams) :P
  8. mimii-marwa answered: I really love and adore Kim Jong Kook and I love his working with Song Ji Hyo they are the stongest ones but I prefer Monday Couple ^^
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  10. tieumanhthuong answered: Spartace Couple
  11. sinnnyiiii answered: spartace couple
  12. ollalola answered: monday couple jjang <3
  13. racheose answered: I ship her with everyone, even the two uncles and myself lol but I like spartace best
  14. runningmanfan said: Spartace~^^
  15. blueinuandsaru answered: monday couple always
  16. potatoskin1 answered: Monday Couple
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  18. 2junbros answered: Spartace Couple !!
  19. fytvtkvnrm answered: ofcourse monday couple in here
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  21. j0liiefleurjava answered: Monday Couple
  22. chungwye31 answered: Monday Couple!
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    Monday couple
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  25. kjkbabe answered: SpartAce please~
  26. themitzi06 answered: MONDAY COUPLE
  27. infinitized-fangirl answered: spartace! :)
  28. joan-loves-rm answered: Spartace~ xD
  29. kunbonnal answered: spartace couple
  30. chunhyo answered: I truly dislike (putting mildly) MC, SpartAce is ok at times, but I really truly wish Song Joong Ki was still on RM bcuz I loved SongSong!!
  31. blueribbonlegend answered: monday couple aww so cute <3
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  33. itsdannanotbanana answered: I like the Monday Couple, but I LOVE SpartAce Couple. It’s their genuine, little, and sweet interactions that drew me to them. Peace! :)