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Due to the ferry incident, entertainment programs this week in South Korea will stop. 

That means, Emergency Man and Woman Concert(19/4), Sudden Attack Fan Meet for JiHyo and Gary(19/4) will be rescheduled. Running Man this week might be rescheduled. The dates in which these programs or event will be rescheduled to will be noticed on another date.

Pray for the safe return of the people on board the ferry.

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Emergency Couple Singapore Fan Meeting 
Date: 16th May 2014
Time: 7PM
Venue: Kallang Theatre
Tickets: S$188 S$118 S$108 S$98
Fanmeet + Photograph / Hi-5 Session 
(information cr. Channel M facebook)

*Tickets are available on SISTIC Check it out!

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WithJiHyo & DCSJH questionnaire for JiHyo~
Credit: DCSJH
Chinese Translations: QY_0807 SJH BaiduBar
*Words in italics are not from original post~. sorry for the errors, click the SJH Baidu Bar link for Chinese translations and DCSJH for original post ^^ *

According to Korean fans, this questionnaire was prepared for JiHyo for the celebration(종방연), but they were afraid it would be inconvenient for JiHyo to do itt there, so they tokld JiHyo’s manager that there was no need to rush it out, and that they could get it back from them during the concert or fan meet, they were originally not expecting much, but much to their surprise,after the concert ended the manager returned this done questionnaire to the fans. And said: “Except for the last question everything else is completed…” 

Class of Year 2013   Paper 1   WithJiHyo & Song JiHyo DC August Mock Exam Question Paper

Class 33 ———Song Ji Hyo Domain

1. Before the mock exam begins, please choose the option which best fits your feelings right now

(1) Oh, should be interesting
(2) Anxious, scary, afraid
(3) With time to do this kind of thing, might as well read more books
(4) there is really nothing you guys can’t do
(5) No idea

(Answer: she wrote: Really great)

2.Please choose from the following facial features in which you are most pleased with

(1) As though there are stolen stars in those pair of eyes
(2) A nose that is so high it is going to reach the sky
(3)Those lips, as though they are calling others to kiss them
(4) The bright and shiny forehead
(5) Not telling you

(Answer: 5 and she wrote: only I will know…)

3. What kind of charm do I possess that will make the heart of others flutter?

(1) Existing as the only girl, being free and easy as well as straightforward
(2) The guts to do bungee without hesitation from the highest point in the world
(3) Getting more and more humble as I mature
(4) Able to smile even in fear
(5) Regardless of location or time, appearing everywhere and being Mong

(Answer: 3,4,5)

4. When did you start becoming beautiful

(1) From when I was in my mother’s tummy
(2) From the point when I took the graduation photos
(3) When I got into the broadcasting industry
(4) Yesterday
(5) Others

(Answer: she wrote: starting from tomorrow I should start becoming beautiful..)

5. Which of the following hairstyles are you most pleased with

(1) Black Straight Hair
(2) Black Curly Hair
(3) Black Ribbon Hair
(4) Black hair that is naturally brushed to the back

(Answer: she wrote: 5. I don’t really like black hair…)

6. Who do you think resembles you most?

1.(EXO Luhan)
2. (Kim Soo Jung)
3. (The relative of Dr Woo JangChun)
4.(Aquarium fish)
5. Character in the drawing

(ans:  6. There is only one me.. I look like my mom!!)(not sure about the first line)

7. How do you judge your own dancing abilities?

(1) Very pleased with it
(2) This standard is considered good
(3) Truthfully speaking, it is just like that
(4) As long as I am happy, it’s ok
(5) It is done on purpose for the variety effect, I dance very well

(Answer:  4)

8. Looking back now, which appearance can you not stand?
(Answer: None.. they are all me..)

9. Every time you look at the Mr Pizza CF, what is your feeling?

(1) Who am I, where is this place
(2) I am missing my mom
(3) Earning money is so tiring
(4) I don’t need anything, pizza is delicious
(5) I’m so beautiful, I’m so cute, I’m the best

(Answer: 2)

10. The thing you fear most?

(1) Insect (2) Zombie (3) Mom (4) Fish (5) Others(       )
(Answer:  1, 2 & 3, she wrote in the bracket (Zombie<Insect<Mom))

11. You lack confidence in doing?
(1) Singing (2) Aegyo (3) Jump rope(refer to RM Ep25) (4) Multiplications (5) Ddakji
(Answer: Aegyo. Feels like my fingers are going to disappear)(not sure=P )

12. Who are you most pleased with?

(1) Fans who support JiHyo
(2) Fans who love JiHyo
(3) Fans who cherish JiHyo
(4) Fans who like JiHyo
(5) Fans who dote on JiHyo(?)

(Answer: All, Every single one of you is precious to me, people who I have to thank and thank again..)

13. The pictorial you are most pleased with?

(1) Levis (2) Instyle (3) Nylon (4) Elle (5) Esquire
(Answer: 1)

14. Which of the following roles do you think is nice to try acting as?

(1) Dreaming about how to get out of your unemployed state and ended up falling in love
(2) A role with a painful past yet still being able to fall in love
(3) A doctor who puts her patients as the most important people of her life and ended up falling in love
(4) Destined to be single even before she was born, not having any dating experience though of marriageable age but ended up falling in love
(5) A role just falling in love

(Answer: All. There isn’t a role that I won’t do, I want to try them all)

15. Which piece of work(film, drama) that you have done is your favorite? Best 1 2 3
Answer: The same meaning as asking which finger will hurt if you were to bite all 10 fingers. Every piece of work is precious to me.

16. Which role do you think best suits yourself or the role you are most pleased with? Best 1 2 3
(Didn’t answer, should be the same as 15)

17. Choose 1 out of the 2

(1) Sleep vs Eat (answer: sleep)

(2) Soju vs Beer (answer: beer)

(3) Valley vs Sea (answer: sea)

(4) Wakeboard vs Snowboard (answer: wakeboard)

(5) (Original)Fried Chicken vs (With sauce)Korean Fried Chicken (answer: both)

(6) (the 2 ways of eating sweet and sour meat, don’t know what it means =P)
 She wrote below both the choices: “Rice”
And added: Rice.. you should have let me chose between whether to put the rice in or not to put the rice in  

18. 5 Word talk

(1) Do you want to dye your hair black? (Don’t want to do it)

(2) When will take up your next work? (I want to rest a bit more)

(3) What do you do when you are not working? (Sleep.Eat. Sleep.Eat.Sleep)

(4) Any beauty secrets? (Beauty? Sleep.Eat. Sleep.Eat.Sleep)

(5) Precious possessions? (I cherish everything that is mine)

Descriptive Question. Things you want to say to your fans (Within 1000 Words)


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Grazia Pictorial at Bali

Cr: Grazia Korea FB via DCSJH

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tvN drama Emergency Couple Talk Music Show
<Reply with Music - Emergency Couple>
16s preview & 30s preview

It will be broadcast on 19th April 11:20pm KST 
including OST singers’ performance, Lee Pil Mo sings with guitar,
Choi Yeo jin dances and Ji Hyo…
just say please LOOK FORWARD to the show!!!

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Song Ji Hyo Body Appreciation Post: Lips

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Mr Pizza 2013 CF Behind The Scenes - Full (total of »400? 500? images!!)

Can’t move it all over, view it here »»» Onionbugs NaverBlog«««

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song ji hyo + event fashion
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