Song Ji Hyo 2014 F/W Schoffel(쉐펠) BTS Shooting


Some places in Malaysia and Singapore are selling the copy of TVB Weekly(Issue 898) with JiHyo on the cover of the LIVE magazine attached, do note that the cover of the magazine TVB Weekly isn’t JiHyo, so take a look at the issue when you are purchasing it, she is on the cover of the attached magazine inside. Sales for this magazine started last week and depending on when they get their stock, some places started selling it on Thursday while others on Saturday… Keep a lookout for stores around you. Got it at SGD$4…~XD


2014 F/W Schoffel(쉐펠) Shooting BTS (Song Ji Hyo focus) 

Such a cute and lively gorgeous!! LOL
I guess winter will never be cold because of herXDDD

Schoffel Korea (쉐펠) 2014 F/W BTS Song Ji Hyo

Schoffel Korea (쉐펠) 2014 F/W BTS Song Ji Hyo

Song Jihyo in Samsung’s This Is Living Ep 2

Song Jihyo & Kim Woobin in Samsung’s This Is Living Ep 2